Daniel Hansen

Hailing from Colorado, Root Flute aka Daniel Hansen presents offerings of his uniquely instinctive multidimensional & hypnotic healing process via The Sound Journey ™


The Sound Journey™

The soundscape of auricular hallmarks are D. Hansen’s self-designed innovative multi-chamber Flutes, Pulse Tubes, Native American Drum, Swing Chimes, 3 overtone Plate Bells, Kick Shaker and a 10 piece base Metalophone that aides in deep emotional processing, remembrances and reconnections of self and visionary lucid meditations. It has been relayed by participants to evoke a pathway of receiving greater insight to themselves, their purpose and moving into transformational growth. Featuring Shamanistic stuccattos, deep soulful grooves with melodic builds & twinkling arpeggios. Above harmonizing overtone plate bells droning on a C# Sharp 432 Hrtz at the Ohm tone of 136.1 The primordial tone of the universe.


Live Stage Performance

Hansen presents an exploration of frequencies with a diverse collection of his multi-chamber, self-made flutes, giving you a very unique one-man performance, playing up to five instruments at one time. He has developed a foot pedal system that allows integration of percussive and sustained tone sounds, while playing a multi-chamber flute infusing occasional vocals and delivering a completely new experience in all acoustic manners. Root Flute can be an individual set performance, ceremonial & Yoga accompaniment, as well as collaborate and accompany any speakers, bands, DJ’s and performance art and installations.

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Workshops, Retreats and Independent Activations
Sound Journey ™
Mini Performance
Instrument Demonstration Participant Harmonizing Gong & Flute Bath
Speaker Accompaniments
Story of Root Flute Question Answer

Experiential Talks on the Path to Realizing Self & Personal PotentialRoot Flute is currently touring the US & Internationally performing at Ceremonies, Rituals, Concerts, Music Festivals, Art Openings, Workshops and Retreats. Please contact 347-331-5324 for booking and information or email us at: activations@rootflute.com.

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